Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is the dress.  This is the dress that launched a thousand paisley searches on etsy.  This is the dress that still makes me pine uselessly. I fell in love, I bought-it-now, I dreamed of fun ways to wear it, and then several days later I found the email regretfully informing me that it had been sold at another venue the same day.  There is some girl in Chicago wearing my dress, and I still have weird fancies that it can somehow come back to me!
Obviously it's just a dress, but I seldom fall this hard for something, absolutely beyond the bounds of rationality!  Besides the simple factors of being my favorite cut, crisp cotton, and a perfect fit, I think I was really excited by the dynamic colour palette and unique print.  The allure of antique maps perhaps? Argh.  Totally thwarted.  It's been 3 months and I still 'die'-  I hate vintage :(

My search for a replacement continued and I found another dress a few weeks ago, this time in a rich purple and green palette.  Found, bought, shipping confirmation received...then I received yet another regretful email- this seller discovered on pulling the dress from storage that a long portion of the skirt was discolored and faded.  Fortunately the dress had already been shipped by her assistant, but she did refund my purchase.  This time I do have something in hand, it fits perfectly, and indeed the skirt is long enough that I think a hemming will reduce the discoloration.  The busy print should distract from the rest.  For now.  Will I ever stop looking/lurking?  I don't know.  This disappointment could become epic!
detail quite true to colour- I love the brass buttons!

Dress with hem pinned up- will hem it slightly longer to fall at the knees.

It's funny too because I wouldn't say I have been interested in paisley prints much, ever, however it reminds me of one of my first memorable pieces of clothing.  Usually dressed in thrifted and/or hand-me-downs, I remember vividly as a 5 and 6-year old loving a bizarre shimmering green polyester paisley bell-bottomed zip-up jumpsuit.  At one point the crotch split from end to end , and I remember fumbling to try and repair it myself since my mom wasn't much of a seamstress!  I guess it 'went away' at that point. huh.  Can I blame this obsession on a childhood disappointment?  nah.  I'm just a dress addict.

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