Friday, January 27, 2012

trusty rusty...

I guess I've been embracing that earthy palette I moaned about last time, because let me tell you, it has been a week of ochres and rusts!  But as so many of you astutely declared, we should embrace those shapes and colours that make us happy!  In several years of buying vintage online, one very sweet pleasure is receiving a dress in the mail that just fits perfectly right out of the package.  I've gotten better at being realistic about dream dresses (so easy to fall in love with the idea and be disappointed with the actuality) and realize how very lucky I am that the scale and proportion of my favourite fifties cut is more often an easy match than other eras.

I picked up this rusty frock in a a distressed paisley binge on Etsy, after an absolutely incredible piece slipped through my fingers post payment. That's the pain of vintage I guess- there's only one out there!  Ah, and the pain it is forever ;)
But look- I actually completed my crafty project and replaced the zippers!  Here's a comparison at the halfway mark- I love how the brass gives a more streamlined and lighter look to the bag.  Now to consider a funky brass accent for the central zipper pull!

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