Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fendi-ng for myself...

Thrifted polka-dot blouse, Urban Outfitters ikat midi skirt, Aldo flats
Somehow with all the 30's movies I watched over the holidays I've gotten obsessed again (see the years 1987-1988) with black and white dressing.  There's so much potential for contrast and the play of forms (see the array of funky collars in The Thin Man) and it makes a nice change from the bright vivid colours that caught my eye (and wallet) all through the fall.  In fact I was surprised to see how many of the pieces I purchased in December actually fit within a monochromatic range!  I often find myself jumping around from style to style through the week, but I'd love to play more within themes this year, so that consecutive days playing with black and white (or florals, or checks, or...) build up a sense of continuity and awareness of what's in the wardrobe.

Now, I didn't leave the house yesterday, thus not much of an outfit.  Didn't get a chance to document today's noir either, so I'll try for a wrap up later in the week! I did however muse on a little project I'd like to do. I'm really not a big purse fetishist (the man may disagree with me on that)- I mean, yes I switch them up quite a bit, and it's hard to turn one down that catches my eye, but really my only rule is that it must be leather. Fortunately I don't often fall for the more expensive designer handbags. I usually find too many bits and bobs are attached, detracting from the simple tactile splendour of a really nice shape and material.

I guess it's not so hard to understand though why I fell for the simple elegance of this black Fendi handbag that featured in so many alluring ads this past Fall.
I don't need or want a Fendi bag, nor could I even think of owning one given the cost  Plus I'm pretty hard on purses- somehow those pennies and tylenol capsules and granola bar crumbs end up in every proverbial nook and cranny!  So when I came upon this old leather Eaton bag at Value Village last week ($3.99), I immediately thought it had potential (ah, Eaton's- that dates it for us Canadians!).  The shape is nice, with a rounded square pocket on either side, and the leather is a beautifully soft and sheeny pebbled black. I also like the slouchiness, since the straighter structure of the Fendi bag is less me. The current details are a little eighties, with oversized plastic zippers, but I plan on switching those for heavy-duty brass zippers to get the brass and black effect I'm looking for.  Which I guess is really the main inspiration I'm taking from the Fendi bag!  The only glitch in my plan seems to be a general dearth of large brass zippers at local fabric stores, so I'm gonna have to order online!

So, uh, one of my goals for this year is to actually follow-through on the projects I dream up, so I guess this is number one! I`ll keep you posted...

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