Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review: the me you didn't see!

At the Reykjavik contemporary art gallery
Heh, this is sort of a looking back, and also a sort of a slap on the wrist.  As I stumble into almost 3 years of blogging (what?!) I'd like to challenge myself to actually keep up with the purpose, of documenting what I wear.  At the end of the year, I find I have set aside a whole backlog of unposted outfits.  Sometimes 'cause they suck, but often just because I plan on contextualizing it somehow, and then the impetus (or season!) passes. And then I forget it even happened. And even if you aren't sharing all the personal dramas behind the scenes, there's still a compelling story told in the day to day of our lives.

Or worst of all, my favourite looks seem to happen on days when I get home too tired to take pictures, and suddenly I've got nothin'. Below, some moments from the year just passed...

Faux 'Prom' event in May (trotting out a classic Anthro dress!)
Kaleidoscopic outfit, in our delightful Icelandic apartment!
Style stalking my future self in Reykjavik

 Icelandic lambs come in various sizes...
mini-me in a mini-check sundress (thanks, tall photo man?)
a bittersweet sunny goodbye to an old buddy, Rousseau

wearing mustard tights and my fave vintage check dress in Amsterdam!
and a new fave, Anthropologie Dot Jacquard skirt and denim shirt!
It's been an up and down year for sure, with some amazing experiences and some difficult times (#notverygoodatsharingapparently...). But they're all things we build on, right? Yep, so there's a resolution: I hope you see more of me in 2013!!

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