Thursday, December 27, 2012

cardigans on parade!

Snow in the entryway!
It seems like a long time since we've had a real live 'snow day', but it is a veritable wintry blasting of white fluffy stuff out there!  I don't plan on leaving the couch today- instead I have some crafting projects I never finished/started, a rereading of Anna Karenina to wrap up (read it about 5 times as a teen!) and a fat fluffy cat sprawled out next to me!  Okay, maybe I get off the couch for periodic trips to the kitchen for more pie- somehow a medley of leftover pies is so much tastier than when fresh on Christmas day!  It's been a delicious mix of pumpkin, apple, and strawberry-rhubarb! So good!

Also good?  Apparently me, because Santa was awfully generous this year! I have a beautiful new array of luxurious Anthropologie cardigans to keep me warm:

Lace Framed Cardigan
Quinby Intarsia Cardigan
Tasseled Jacquard Cardigan
And then yesterday I popped into Anthropologie during the 30% off sale to pick up yet another cozy wrap. Oh my!
Blair Scholar Jacket
I guess I'll start playing with how to style these when I actually need to leave the house again. But then, I also need to catch up with a few last outfit photos sometime before the end of the year!

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