Saturday, December 29, 2012

knitted and knotted...

I hadn't realized at first that these two stories were intertwined...but then I think everything I've done this year ties in with the formative Iceland trip somehow (and like all my Icelandic stories, tend to ramble on and take forever to conclude!)

Beach at Vik (this is where my icelandic wool is from!) source
Back in May, I spent the most amazing week in Iceland, in awe over the landscape, the people, the language, and of course the knits!  Besides the traditional Lopi sweaters, I was also obsessed with the delicate lace shawls and decided it was time I learned to knit more than just a purl straightaway.  I picked up some lovely skeins of yarn, in as many shades of the landscape as I could carry home, and determined to follow it up once the hot summer was over.


Well, time passed, and I finally started investigating some simple chevron lace patterns so I could make the grey scarf I'd been planning to give my sister for Christmas (in thanks for all the splendid trip planning that made Iceland possible!)  I started trying to learn this beauty, but far too late in the game:

Promenade Lace Wrap, via Ravelry
I think I made good progress in teaching myself some of the basics of pattern reading and the special stitches involved, but had to admit defeat with Christmas nigh.  I did however learn of the powers of wool blocking and realized I could actually fake a pretty good scalloped-edge scarf.


You see, even this detailed lace knit requires proper laying out to take on the chevron form.  So I 'cheated' at the last minute and reknit my grey wool into a basic stitch scarf and stretched the darn thing as long as it would go after washing it, whilst shaping the ends to my needs, laid flat. I'm pretty pleased with the result and might make my own cheatin' scarf before re-embarking on the lace project!

The final product- light and lacy...(maybe a little scratchy)

During this whole dreaming and plotting phase, imagining lots of knit patterns in soft grey chevron wool, I happened to be standing at the counter at Anthropologie one day and saw just the piece I'd been dreaming about behind the counter!  I asked to see it, and realized it was this sweater, so much more beautiful in person than online!

Knitted and Knotted's Obscured Window Pullover
Unfortunately, it was already being held for a customer, except that they didn't have the SKU and price information to actually sell it!  Helpful Anthro nerd that I am, I whipped out my phone and pulled up the information from my wishlist.  Then I left them my number just in case the other customer decided they didn't want it (at $19.99!) Two weeks later, I was in the store and saw the same manager pass by, so I asked him if the sweater had ever been picked up- well, it hadn't, and so I got to buy it for myself at the perfect price with an additional 25% off (I just typed 'addictional,' which I guess works too...)!

Shades of grey- with J Crew pencil skirt, Chie Mihara shoes, silver chain and purple tights
And voila, some chevrons to tide me over until my knitting is up to scratch. Actually, I can pretty much guarantee I will never knit a full sweater...despite yearning still over this beauty that I didn't buy at the badly do I wants it? :)

Actually, a fabulous wool store just opened at the base of my street, AND I found a site where I can order anything from icelandic wool to licorice to Brennivin alcohol so...I think there will definitely be some more knitting projects this spring!  Wish me luck (kn1, kn2tg, yo, etc...).  Any knitters out there able to talk me through lace knitting, so I don't lose too many stitches along the way?!

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