Tuesday, December 11, 2012

going local...

Coloré collar, vintage plaid shirtdress, anthropologie Agadja sash, Hue tights, Chie Mihara shoes
It's that time of year again, when life turns into a mad scramble to shop, shop, shop!  While it's certainly a pleasure to find just the right gift for someone (or at least feel like it's perfect), it can be an exercise in frustration.  The brighter side is that suddenly there are a million craft fairs and sweet opportunities to sample local wares, from clothing to toys to jewellery to glorious pickled products.

Since I most definitely do my part to support certain big online stores through the year, ahem, and even the vintage sellers on Etsy, around now I usually try to support and discover some local makers, especially because you can see and touch pretty things, and meet a lot of great people!  I wish there were more of these big events throughout the year (I suppose these exhausted folks might disagree!)

I've wanted one of these detachable peter pan collars for awhile, but kept telling myself that I should make it myself. Having manifestly NOT done so, I was pretty pleased to see this beautiful printed collar a week ago.  It goes with everything!

At this past weekend's craft market, I also made sure to note some helpful gift suggestions for Santa!

Of course, I've put bright tights at the top of my list, like every year.  They help add life and fun to even the most staid and librarianly of outfits. Like so...

Anthropologie Pleated Cowl turtleneck, vintage pencil skirt and brooch, Madewell tights
Gah- I love this top so much I bought it in two colours when it went on sale.  I guess that means I need to do a little extra Christmas shopping at the craft fairs to balance out my 'carbon footprint'...!  :)

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