Monday, December 24, 2012

happy happy! In keeping with the season...

Isn't this where we'd all like to be?
After days of running around, on errands of my own and for others, it's finally been a cozy evening at home.  Christmas day is the big day for the whole family, while the eve is traditionally a quiet movie night with my mom and sister.  While we were batting food ideas back and forth over the weekend, a joke about Kraft dinner turned into a rather tasty feast of unexpected flavours!  We ate a buffet of traditional mac 'n cheese, white cheddar with pesto (a fave easy treat) and a new option: curried KD, which was the hit of the night. A surprisingly sweet and subtle flavour- who knew?! We ended up watching Coraline, which we've been meaning to see for some time- it matched up well with the mood of the 'Nightmare before Christmas' soundtrack I'd been listening to all day!

Now I'm sipping Jack 'n ginger ale while wrapping a pile of gifts for tomorrow- pretty much my favourite part of the evening- while a yearly screening of Scrooge takes me late into the night! I've pretty much watched the range of Christmas films by now- Thin Man, A Christmas Story, bits of Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, Rudolph...but Scrooge is the pièce de resistance. 

Anthropologie Oxidized Medallions dress
I found this dress in the sale room in my size for the first time last week- at $40 I was willing to give the weird fabric a second chance and boy am I glad I did!  I love this dress. The skirt flows impressively, billowing dramatically behind me as I went downstairs earlier this evening.   It's totally grown on me, and I can't wait to wear it year round. For comfort I threw on a rather soft and drapey t-shirt for a casual look, but I think there are many ways to bring this strapless print into my life!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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