Wednesday, December 19, 2012

spicy pumpkin and nutmeg!

Anthropologie Peppered and striped skirt, thrifted brown sweater and boots
Mmm- visions of sugarplums and mince tarts... I seem to be clothing myself in the tasty colours of, well they may not be seasonal, but certainly of seasonal treats!  These are all pumpkin and gingerbread and nutmeg and...oh gosh, I need to go do some more baking! I keep sharing them with others.  yeesh. :)

This ol' polka dot skirt is classic Anthropologie by now- one of the things that keeps me coming back to it is that it seems to go with everything, and especially enjoys the challenge of unusual combinations.  Spicy brown FTW.  Oh, and these fantastic booties that I picked up 'used' but hardly worn for $14 the other day!

Vintage pumpkin knit shift, J Crew buffalo check shirt and moss tights, Aerosole wedges
Heh.  I'm ashamed to say I bought this shift last summer (with an awesome matching pumpkin and grey polka dot jacket) and then totally forgot about it until recently.  I guess it needed hemming, but then this morning I just spent 2 minutes on the seam and it was good to go!  Welcome to my world, favorite new comfy dress!

I can't believe it's almost Christmas- so much to do (argh DIY projects- why do we do this to ourselves!) and so much to try and sit back and enjoy! Let's do it- enjoy every minute!

Especially when there are tarts and gingerbread to consume...

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