Friday, January 11, 2013

bitsy 'n bobs!

Vintage paisley dress, Anthropologie collar, J Crew Jackie Born Bitsy boots
Okay, it's official- I loooooove this dress!  It checks all the boxes that make the most easily wearable and loveable of vintage dresses- silky man-made wrinkle-free knits (pre-80's, of course), shapely shifts with sleeves for year-round wear, and of course amazing and unique prints...yes! I got it on Etsy a bit before Christmas and it reminds me of another fave such dress from a couple of winters ago, my Smartie-Marni dress (much worn, yet rarely photographed it seems).

Great print, and the perfect frame for a statement necklace. Love.

And while we're talking of checking off wishlist criteria, (and fawning adoration) I also finally found a new pair of much needed winter boots this evening.  I thought perhaps I could limp through another winter with my Aldo Frye knock-offs that have stood me well these past 3 years.  Sure there's a hole in each ankle seam that I intended to fix, but they were so perfect otherwise- tall, substantial (and attractive) leather boots that I only had to step into (an important detail when you're in and out of boots a few times a day) with great lug soles that never slipped on the ice.  But then I realized this week that I've been on the verger of literally limping in these, as the slipped lining is starting to force a weird pressure point on my foot and causing me pain!

The thing is I just couldn't find anything anywhere that accommodated my needs. If I wanted Sorel furry bootedness I have a million options, or if I didn't mind falling on my butt several times a day there are also a ton of attractive flat slippery-soled boots out there (really Aldo- I challenge your designers to wear 90% of your boot collection on an icy Montreal sidewalk).  All I wished for were elegant tall boots with a bit of grippy-ness in the sole, but not so tall as to hit my knees (a problem for the short-shinned) and of course ones that don't cost too much (Canadian winters are rough on boots, as am I).

And finally, FINALLY, I found these Born beauties at Winners for $99- they're perfect...tall, yet hit a couple of inches below the knee so I appear taller (why are all boots so knee-high now?), generous in the calf and easy to zip up, good thick sole and even a hint of heel. And comfortable.  I am in love, ladies.  And best of all, these boots check off the ultimate criteria, the "if I saw someone wearing these I would think, damn, those are the boots that I can never find myself". Born Bitsy Boots, welcome. I promise to weather-proof and wipe salt from your surface from time to time.  Pinky swear.

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