Thursday, January 3, 2013


thrifted sweater, J Crew Sterling skirt, vintage brass necklace, Naturalizer t-straps
I was back at work today, and since most everyone is still off on holiday I felt like keeping things quiet and muted (with a touch of sparkle!).  I bought this copper sweater over the holidays at Value Village, planning on cutting it up to make a couple of collars (ironic, I guess,  since I used to be notorious in my family for cutting collars OFF things...) but then found I liked it too much to butcher it. It has just the perfect amount of drape and shape, and even works for the famous half-tuck that J Crew has been pushing! I also really like the contrast of the brown  when the sleeves are rolled-up.  A keeper!

The 'maple crimson' Sterling skirt has also edged its way into my permanent rotation by dint of being structured and a great colour.  But it still makes me sad- the cut and size are a little off for me and the fabric is quite a bit inferior to any previous season of Double Serge skirts from J Crew.  I think it may even be starting to pill!

I also discovered that lurex-ish sweaters are not very warm in and of themselves.  We went out to see Django Unchained tonight, and I felt a little bit chilly in my thin wool coat.  I popped into Joe Fresh but didn't find just the right kind of low-priced underlayer to add (say around $10), so I decided to mildly suffer it out. I stupidly get stuck in these kinds of situations a few times every winter- shopping for something warmer because I haven't dressed appropriately for the day when leaving my overheated apt. Turns out its -20 tonight!  Oops!  Must. consult. weather. forecast!

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