Thursday, January 24, 2013

coldpocalypse...and uh, anthro salemageddon!

J Crew cashmere Tipsy-turvy popover, vintage skirt, aerosoles wedges
I have no deep thoughts for you this week, other than musing once again on the deep freeze.  Like recognizing how incredibly effective natural fibres are!  Cashmere,  knit dresses, and wool tights have been my constant companions in comfort all week. 

Vintage sweater dress
I haven't had a down coat for a few years.  They tend to be pretty pricey, and my aesthetic tends more towards the wool layered urchin versus slick puffy modern.  But when I  managed to get this Cartonnier down toggle coat for a mere $50 at the no-holds-barred massive 50% off sale at Anthropologie...well, I was willing to test out a slight revision of my aesthetic.  Turns out I still look like an urchin.  Oh well.

Cartonnier Toggled Puffer coat, $50, was $288
Um yes, and anthrosalemageddon?  Well, after studiously avoiding the siren call of every party dress I've admired since September at deep discounts, by Monday I was able to score these beauties at ridiculous prices:

It has been very difficult not to dive back in for more!  Maybe the -40 degrees is a good thing...right now I'm most excited about the cuddly sweater dress!

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