Monday, January 28, 2013


Anthropologie Chandelier sleeves blazer and Intarsia sweaterdress, Indigo boots
I'm desperately trying to find a new space to take photos- the greenish fluorescent tone to those hallway pictures is killing me, spring is still a loooooong way away, and my backyard is lost under several feet of snow. The lighting isn't the best here, but it's a change, right?  So I got to bust out the Intarsia dress today- totally warm and cuddly.  And I guess my slip had taken your advice of yesterday to heart, since it was all about exposing itself all day!  

I was pleased to see in person that the upper knit area of this dress is actually a very nice burnt orange, which is a wonderful vibrant mix with the blue. I also find the black and white pattern is charmingly reminiscent of the classic Space Invaders tank.  Which I played for reals as a child- oh what strange times we live in!

Anthropologie seems to be getting a little lazy in the naming department. Intarsia Sweater Dress?  How dull.  Welcome...Space Invaders dress!

Or knit your own from a pattern here!  Don't you just love the crafting community!

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