Thursday, January 10, 2013

refreshed stripes!

J Crew spearmint striped top, thrifted perfect purple skirt, teal tights, converse kicks
Hoo-boy.  The new year always means a couple of brutal days doing bookstore inventory- it is physically grueling within and without, lifting and scanning some 8,000 titles (er, I guess I didn't do the whole thing all by myself...) and we end up sick by the end. I had thought for the first day I would dress 'appropriately' in stretchy denim and an oversized shirt.  Ugh.  I felt so gross and unkempt by the end of day, on top of totally pulped neck and shoulders.  (I suppose 2 hours sleep the night before didn't help things- can't seem to get off that holiday sleep schedule- ouch!)

After a round of therapeutic baths and a better nights sleep, by the next morning I had vowed to wear something that would make me feel good (i.e dressed-up) as well being comfortable.  And this new striped top is a  sure bet! The navy and spearmint combination is 'fresh' and the knit is soft (runs small, FYI).  Yummy.  I love the way the mint and navy work with the dark purple of the skirt- but then I guess I pretty much enjoy all variants of green and purple together!

I'm also glad striped tops have somehow endured the overkill of the last few years- in fact, I find myself hunting for a new basic black and white striped top again!  The staple pieces are getting a bit too worn out.  The search begins...

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