Friday, January 18, 2013

pattern play!

Anthropologie In Bloom blouse, Bugle Boy tie, J Crew pencil skirt, Naturalizer Mary-Janes
Winter florals please me.  What pleases me even more though?  Finding that a new floral blouse has a nigh exact match in a recently thrifted tie!  I don't know how this happened but it totally tickles my brain.  The manfriend joked that I looked somewhat like a Communist florist, but so be it.  I like both serendipitous matching and utilitarian silhouettes!


I've been dying for one of J Crew's Liberty floral blouses for awhile, and the japonaiserie quality of the Leo Scarlet print is now one of my favourites.  The fabric is perfectly soft and thin, and the pattern goes with everything- I started it out with this black lace tee, but I have a feeling this will be working hard through the spring.  I love the way the scale of these patterns work together, but then lace goes with everything I suppose...

(I'm working hard at incorporating all those November/ December gift/ sale purchases into the wardrobe line-up. This sweet lace tee was behind the returns counter when I was buying a gift for someone at Winners- it looked interesting so I asked to see it.  Turns out it's from a lovely Danish brand Malou Sander and I guess I got it for 75% off!)

J Crew Leo Scarlet blouse, Malou Sander tee, Anthro Mimetic skirt, Chie Mihara shoes

I came around to florals rather late, but also recently realised I only wear them unseasonally- any attempts to add them to the summer rounds have been less succesful.  Do you have any prints that you can only 'work' part time?

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