Monday, March 12, 2012

and yes there were kittens in tutus on my cake...

Natalia Matsak, Ukrainian National Ballet
My mom made my sister and I take ballet lessons for years as young children.  At the time, I liked the themed performances we put on every season (hey, costumes!) but I hated the drudgery of weekly classes where I was uncoordinated and unfocused, though of course I appreciate it now.  A couple of years ago I started following a contemporary dance class for beginners- I loved it but found that even though the will was there I was still uncoordinated and unfocused!  Anyway, another wonderful thing my mom did was take us out to see the yearly touring ballet companies as they put on all the classics- Swan Lake, Giselle, Coppelia- and that I absolutely adored!  I would study the stories beforehand and was entranced by the costumes and choreography.

When my birthday was coming around this year I noted that a company was bringing Swan Lake to town and realized it's also been over 20 years since the last time I've been to a ballet (darn those advancing birthdays....) Now, that's kinda the mothership of tutu and tulle extravaganzas, and so I asked the family to send the manfriend and I to the ballet as a gift. He scored some great seats, and we toddled off on Friday, dressed all nice and such.
Anthropologie Rodna dress, J Crew cashmere cardigan, vintage tassel necklace, Indigo pumps
apparently I dressed to coordinate with the decor!
It wasn't the most extravagant production, one that unfortunately opted for a happy ending to the story (I mean, come on, the swan's gotta die at the end or it ain't the ballet!) but the dancer incarnating the swan queen was absolutely light and ethereal and inhuman (she's the one pictured here), and my favorite parts are the large flock of swan maidens dancing in unison.  Now I just want more! 

I was happy I ended up wearing the Rodna dress since the first act of the ballet features a similar cut bodice and skirt on the dancers- I felt right at home.  There was also one dress just right for Anthropologie- a heavy cream lace skirt similar to the Spinning Lace Dress with a dark honey-coloured velvet bodice.  I would buy that! This was also a good outing for the Oxidized Ruffle coat I picked up in the fall- the cut is just right for wearing with a full skirt, and as the coat is really not very warm it was appropriate since I didn't have to be outside much!  Um, definitely a very matchy-matchy outfit with the rust tights and navy shoes, but it felt kinda Edwardian that way, like a whole set.

Ah, and just because it's so awesome, here is the pas de quatre performed by American Ballet Theatre.  This one just puts a smile on my face- they're like little kids, but with intense skillz.

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