Thursday, March 8, 2012

marni 'n me...

So I headed out way too early this morning to meet up with my friend (cough) Marni.  It was actually pretty tame an experience, but the '10 minutes in the cage' allowance for picking up your selections was a bit short and frenzied.  Inevitably I found myself in the dressing room with all the wrong sizes- I sized up when I didn't need to and down when I shouldn't have (thankfully I got another chance as the line cleared out).  Some of the pieces I had been anticipating were a turn-off in real life for fabrics and cut (oh such sadness that the navy two-tone patterned pieces are just weird, in a stiff oversized cotton!  maybe I can get 'em on super liquidation one day and have some fun) but oh such lovely, lovely prints and silks!!

I found the floral necklace that I HAD to have, and I love,love, love it so.  They 'misplaced' it when I went to try the clothing on and I'm afraid I may have channelled a wee bit of my mom's death stare until someone ran off to find me another!  I wore it all day today, and it is quite possibly the best accent piece ever!  I was quite conflicted over some of the dresses though- the silk has a lovely liquid quality, and the prints are gorgeous, but the cuts are unusual, and the oversized tags are so heavy that it's hard to get a faithful idea of how the fabric hangs!  I decided last night that I suddenly couldn't live without this green and purple pattern/colour combination, but I wasn't sure how to make it work on me.  Turns out a belt, a fantastic necklace and pushing the sleeves up so they billow slightly balances out all the shapes.  It feels great, and the print mix just tickles!
The problem was that these pieces are all rather pricey (especially for Canadians) and so I felt like I absolutely had to keep it to 3 items.  Except then I couldn't decide between the drapey gorgeous pyjama top (a must) and the brown silk chevron shift with tie neck (also absolutely my favorite print/colour combination).  I decided to bring them all home and decide later.
I've wanted a nice silk pyjama top to wear as a blouse for years- and this print is a doozy!!  Throw it on with a classy pencil skirt and it looks like you just rolled out of a most elegant bed and went straight to work...(heh...yes, I was up at 5 this morning, and the hair was looking pretty rough by the end of the day...)
And I was so sure all day that this chevron dress would be the one to go back, since it's a bit big on top and somewhat shapeless.   and then I made the mistake of pairing it with a green sweater and belt (inspired by Anjali's outfit here) and gee, now I really, really love it!  The dithering continues. This will be a great light summer dress- it's so cute with just a little skinny belt and coloured accessories!  The oversized part is super easy to take in too...sigh.  I fear I have been very bad.  I don't think I can go shopping with Marni anymore- she's a bad influence :)

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