Friday, March 30, 2012

smiley face...?

delightful Victorian sneer, from Darwin's study The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
Argh.  This has been a pretty frustrating work week.  On Wednesday, a colleague asked me how I stay so zen in the face of the chaos.  I claimed it was the only way to stay sane, to just do what you can do and try not to stress the rest.  Ha!  By the end of the day, this beatific blogger was swearing under her breath and ready to throw and kick stuffs! 
angry muppet.  sigh. 
When I finally got home I thought I would post something about the smiley faces we pose to the world, as if everything is AWESOME and we totally have it ALL under control.  I took a couple of outfit shots, and then proceeded to make a ton of the kinds of snarling, frowny faces that I really wanted to project.

That actually cheered me up immensely!  Until I accidentally deleted it ALL from my memory card.... Argh.

Anyway, I've discovered through this process that I don't quite have the requisite icy death stare of authority.  In fact, I pretty much have two modes, neither very impressive: moppet or muppet!  Oh well.  Smiles are effective too. :)

This is what I wore today.  There's nothing like a double-dot day to make things feel better!  And if YOU have something to vent, the lovely Lisa over at Respect the Shoes has instituted a little happy hour girls-gone-cranky venting session.  Hear, hear.  Yeesh, you'd think I would have mastered the snarling librarian look by now!

Anthropologie Polka Peppered skirt, thrifted J Crew polka-dot sweater, rust tights and ochre scarf, indigo Indigo pumps

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