Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'making do'...

J Crew Snap Stripe tee and Liquid Silk skirt, yellow silk scarf and indigo Indigo shoes
 It's funny how things happen- I was so sure that this spring I was in for another round of seafoam green/mint obsession, (you know, throw in a little rust and maybe a soupçon of pink) but then I got blindsided by a bevy of fresh new tones.  Argh.  I have been totally into the bright, near-neon yellow that's been infiltrating pretty much everything this spring.  It's just so vivid and fun and...and  oh I thought I would be smart and pick one item to satisfy the need. 
 J Crew Colorblock stripe boatneck
Yes- classic stripes with a bit of fun thrown in!  But then a lot of other items kinda already infiltrated my closet this month and I kinda had to let go of that idea.  Plus this thing sold out at full price last week, so I couldn't even try and grab it with the free shipping this past weekend.  sigh.  maybe it will pop back on sale some day.

Anyway, I figured in the meantime I should have fun with what I've already got, which is, um, countless nice striped tops, and a great citron yellow silk scarf. Oh right, and a ton of navy blue- I don't know how it happened but somehow in the last few months I've accumulated multiple navy dresses and accessories.  weird  And navy just looks awesome with an intense nigh-neon yellow.  love.

So, am I just succumbing to the fashion industry's whims, or am I maybe avant-garde? Because I'm pretty sure that this is the garment that started it all for me this Christmas.  A neon running jacket, to counteract my habitual sloppy ninja blacks...
Not the same jacket, but oh yes, definitely the colour!
 (and my other new colour is lavender...except I haven't got any...yet...working on thrifting over consumption on that one!) 

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