Saturday, March 31, 2012

colorphile challenged!

Ah, dress inspirations- the main reason to get up in the morning, and particularly fun when it`s associated with a movie.  A few weeks ago, I finally watched Hugo.  I thought the art design was beautiful, though overall there was something just a little over-crafted and orchestrated that made the film less emotionally satisfying.  Perhaps it's because earlier Parisian fairytales like Amélie Poulain and La Cité des Enfants Perdus felt more sprawlingly fun and authentic (okay, yes these are both the same director, but whatever).  I think it`s about time I rewatched Cité again actually- it`s awesome!  I already went through a huge street-urchin/striped shirt/sailor-style spree upon watching it in the mid-90s (did I mention costumes by Gaultier...) so this time I was ready for a new look.

I loved Emily Mortimer's flower seller character and thought it was the perfect occasion to try out a cute polka-dot Anne Taylor cardigan set that I found recently.  I used to wear a lot of brown, and it sets off bright jewel tones really well. I love the contrast of her yellow blouse against the knit print, and a floppy bow is always fun.  I totally wish I had this gorgeous darn green skirt though!

thrifted Ann Taylor sweater set, J Crew Lucinda blouse, thrifted knit skirt and silk scarf, brown Indigo lace-ups
Oh, and while we're on the topic, that colour whiz Molly over at Anthromollogies hosted another awesome colorphile challenge a few weeks ago here and here and I was totally inspired by the work of Twig Hutchinson she had featured on the blog here.  I'm a sucker for seafoam green, and couldn't resist the combination with drapey mustard silk (obviously this blouse is proving it's worth!).
thrifted tasseled cardigan and wool skirt, J Crew Lucinda blouse, Anthropologie Fanfare platforms

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