Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Oh, I am very susceptible to suggestion (suggestible!)- a catalogue shot here, movie character there...a combination of colours and textures can become an instant obsession, though generally just a fortuitous inspiration. The monthly J Crew catalogue is usually a good source for new colour deviations (deviancy?).  I mean, I consider myself pretty handy with the colour orange and know a lot of goodly things to pair it with.  However the March J Crew catalogue threw a new magical combo my way- lavender and orange! (I haven't ventured into the leopard zone yet, but I do like this elegant yet somehow relaxed outfit)

Right away, I knew there was not enough lavender in the wardrobe to have a lot of fun with this, but just enough to be able to put it in action right away:

J Crew vibrant flame pencil skirt, striped top and rust tights, Le Chateau floral silk scarf and Indigo lace-ups
I suppose it helps when many of your colour elements all come from J Crew in the first place (darn them and their wizard stylings!)  The lavender cardigan is made of the softest, thinnest wool- it's from the lovely UK brand Whistles, but was found at the equally lovely Brooklyn vintage shop/warehouse Beacon's Closet (oh, those racks and racks of tops arranged by colour!)  Incidentally, the last time I visited there with a friend she almost mistook this short-haired mannequin for me (my hair never looks that sleek)!

So I must have been in some kind of extreme-vibrancy-zone this past week because all I can think of is finding more blinding colours to counteract the dull slushy grey of March in the city. I mean, it is soooooo slushy and sooooo grey- I haven't seen colour outside in months!  Maybe that's why we get that last gasp of riotous colour in the fall before the leaves fall- it's an act of mercy.  However perhaps getting dressed in the dark is the culprit- I just reach for whatever is glowing!

Anthropologie Gathering tank,Cockatoo Kaleidoscope skirt and Fanfare platforms, with J Crew cashmere cardigan (in "golden chartreuse"- is there any more beautiful colour name?)
Are you, like me, becoming absolutely colour obsessed, as spring catalogues and magazines taunt us with soft neons and playful prints?

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